Family Law


The practice of family law can encompass a wide range of issues between family members.

James works with his clients to resolve these issues through discussion, negotiation, and mediation. In some situations, there’s a need for the court to decide issues upon which the parties can’t agree. From marriage dissolution, to marital support (alimony or maintenance), and child support, James works to ensure that his clients rights and needs are protected and addressed.


Nowhere in the legal world do emotions flare and quickly burn more intensely than when have parties had disputes with members of their own families.

Even when emotions appear to be in check, and the parties intend to go through a divorce in a polite manner, the unexpected can—and often does—arise. Disagreements can spark out of seemingly nothing. This can cause resentment and hard feelings.

While most people (and their attorneys) prefer to calmly complete the marriage dissolution or child support agreement, there may be times when this isn’t the case. Whether the process runs smoothly or there are bumps—or even major roadblocks—you will want to have an experienced advocate to make certain that your rights are protected, and that your best interests are the top priority.