The process for coming into the United States intending to live and/or work here is covered by immigration laws. We read and hear a lot of news these days about changes to our immigration laws, and it is important that you work with an attorney who specializes in this area and stays on top of every new wrinkle to the U.S. immigration laws and policies.

Common Immigration Situations

Our immigration system is designed to grant immigration status based upon certain factors. The most common among these are family reunification and in-demand work skills. Refugees and those seeking asylum are also covered by these laws and regulations. In addition, the government has a “lottery” for immigration status for those with less pressing immigration needs.


An individual may apply for immigrant status if he or she has a relative who is a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. That person must be eligible for lawful permanent residence based on a legally recognized family relationship, and not every relative is automatically eligible. Some immediate family members, like spouses and children, are given preference.

Permanent Employment Opportunity

An individual who is seeking immigrant status based on a permanent employment opportunity has to be eligible under one of the five categories of employment-based immigration recognized under U.S. law. The individual’s employer must complete and submit several forms. Employers should also consider working with an attorney like James Hann, who can see the process of handling an employee’s application from start to finish for an employer.

Similar to several other areas of law, immigration is filled with specific forms and deadlines. You should work with an attorney who has years of experience dealing with immigration procedures, forms, and hearings.

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