Personal Injury

If you ever turn on a TV or see a billboard, you have an idea what personal injury is about. A person slips and falls in a store, sustains an injury, hires an attorney, and gets a settlement.

That’s what many law firms and personal injury attorneys would have you believe. That’s because turning around a claim means moving on to the next one. This type of “assembly line” process may work nicely for the attorney, but there’s no guarantee that a client’s interests are anywhere near a top priority.

James Hann handles personal injury cases, but more importantly he advises and assists his personal injury clients. What this means is that he devotes his time and efforts to ensuring the best possible outcome for each client that has entrusted him with their case. There’s no guarantee of a quick settlement or of a check with a specific dollar amount. But what James does guarantee is that he will spend the time necessary to fully understand your situation, your needs, and your future. When he has all of this information, he will be better equipped to work on your behalf to see that you are fully compensated for your injuries and damages.

So when you see a TV commercial for the 20th time about how “Billy B. Brown can get you a check tomorrow,” check with James to make sure that all of the details are covered and that the expenses and treatment of your injuries are covered not just tomorrow, but next year and until you have recovered.

Please contact James to thoroughly discuss your questions about your accident and find out how he can best help you.