In California, divorced parents have a number of different obligations that they need to meet. They must figure out how to balance them so that they can both work and spend time with their children. Figuring out how to spend consistent time with the children while holding a job is not always easy and is a factor in custody decisions in family court.

Parents need to be realistic when they negotiate for a certain amount of time with the children in the agreement. They should be sure to not ask for more time than their career makes possible unless they have arrangements in place that allow them to spend time with the children. Courts will consider things such as the work schedule in deciding the time that the children are with the parents.

In order to be effective in their dual role as single parents and employees, people must remain flexible and efficient, especially at work. They need to figure out how they will get their work done and leave the job when they must in order to pick up the children. Often, this involves coming up with creative arrangements that help maximize their productivity as an employee, such as working from home after the children are asleep to complete any unfinished work.

A family law attorney may counsel their client to figure out exactly what is possible when it comes to a custody agreement and time with the children. The attorney might suggest solutions that would help maximize parental time while allowing the parent to pursue their career. Then, they may help negotiate the agreement with the other parents attorney. If litigation is necessary, the attorney might present their clients case in court to try to persuade the judge of their position.

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