Working with a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A motorcycle accident attorney can help you pursue compensation for your emotional distress, medical expenses, and missed wages. Motorcycles offer very little in the way of protection, and serious injuries are somewhat common. In fact, most motorcycle accident victims can count themselves lucky to be alive. A consultation with a qualified injury attorney in California is an important step on the road to recovery.

What to Do After a Personal Injury in a Motorcycle Accident in Santa Clara

Motorcycle accident victims should take a number of important steps after their crashes. The first step is to get the medical attention you need. Even if you believe that your injuries are relatively minor, you should still seek treatment from a qualified medical professional. This is important for two main reasons: First, your health is important – and your injuries may be more severe than you realize. Play it safe, and determine the true extent of your injuries by getting treatment at a reputable facility like the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Secondly, medical treatment creates important medical records that you can use to prove that your injuries are real. These records might include doctors’ notes, medical bills, X-rays, and much more.

After you have received treatment, take a second to consider potential evidence from the scene of the crash. Did anyone witness your accident? Did you manage to take photos of the scene? Do you remember the license plate numbers of vehicles involved in your accident? Did you ask other motorists for contact information? What about the police report? These are all questions you might consider asking. Note that your injury attorney can help you gather important evidence while you focus on the healing process.

After these steps, it may be time to consider a settlement. An insurer may approach you with a settlement offer – but it’s best to negotiate alongside your lawyer for best results. This is because most insurance companies will offer you very low settlement offers, and your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf for a much better level of compensation.

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Compassionate Legal Support for Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers in San Jose, CA

Here are some notable statistics regarding motorcycle accidents:

  • Men are almost eight times more likely to die in motorcycle accidents
  • With each motorcycle accident, there is an 80% chance of injury or death
  • Motorcycle accidents represent 14% of all traffic fatalities
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Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents in Santa Clara

There are a few common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents.

Road Rash: This injury occurs when motorcycle accident victims slide on the road after being ejected from their vehicles. This can scrape away layers of skin and cause serious disfigurement. Although proper protective clothing can mitigate these injuries, sometimes they are unavoidable.

Head Injuries: Head injuries are not only common among motorcyclists, but they also have a high chance of causing death. Motorcyclists are often ejected from their vehicles, sending them headfirst into vehicles, the ground, or other barriers. This can cause long-term brain damage, comas, and skull fractures.

Pelvic Fractures: Another common type of injury among motorcyclists is a pelvic fracture. This type of injury is particularly problematic for elderly people, as their bones are generally quite brittle. Also known as a hip fracture, this can also rob people of their mobility for years. Sometimes, people never truly recover and spend the rest of their lives in hospital beds or wheelchairs. Pelvic fractures also have a high rate of infection, which can potentially be deadly – especially among seniors.

Spinal Cord Injuries: Perhaps the most life-altering motorcycle accidents involve the spinal cord. These injuries can easily lead to permanent paralysis. Although it may be possible to recover from quadriplegia and paraplegia with long-term rehab, many people spend the rest of their lives dealing with these injuries.

Lower Extremity Injuries: The lower extremities of a motorcyclist are quite vulnerable. This can lead to injuries like hip fractures, ankle fractures, foot fractures, knee fractures, and so on.

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There are a few common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents.

Work with the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Santa Clara

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