Common knowledge holds that marital satisfaction will start off high, only to dip over the years following the wedding. New research indicates that there may be hidden factors influencing marital satisfaction. This means that being dissatisfied in marriage might not be dependent on socioeconomic status. This status could be an unexpected predictor of satisfaction and the likelihood of divorce.

Researchers that found a link between socioeconomic status and marital status recently published their study in a journal. This analysis largely focused on middle-class couple who were mostly white, and researchers speculated that the results might be different among different groups. They decided to refocus their research on 431 low-income couples living in California.

From 2009 to 2014, the researchers contacted all of the couples five times, asking them to fill out questionnaires that measured marital satisfaction. Couples were then divided into one of three groups regarding marital satisfaction high, moderate and low. Around 60% of couples were highly satisfied with their marriages. Couples with low marital satisfaction only accounted for 10% of the group. Further inquiries revealed that lower socioeconomic status affected women more strongly than men, and the effect was seen most strongly in women reported lower levels of satisfaction at the beginning of marriage.

Ultimately, no two couples are alike. Each married couple in California will encounter their own obstacles and problems, which can influence how satisfied they are with their marriages. No matter why a couple decides to divorce, it is important that each person understands his or her rights when going through the process. Some find that speaking with an experienced attorney can be helpful for doing so.

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