Accidents are inevitable but when someone is at fault for causing you personal harm, you may be owed compensation. It’s common for people to think that injury claims typically pertain to car accidents or workplace falls or spills, but things like dog bites or medical malpractice are filed each year. Most people have heard of personal injury claims, but let’s take an in-depth look at the more common personal injury claims.

Most Common Personal Injury Claims

Vehicle Accidents

We often think of personal injuries being involved in vehicle accidents. When someone’s negligence has injured you, regardless of the vehicle, you may file a personal injury claim. Pedestrians also harmed by any vehicles also are able to claim a personal injury case.

Slips and Falls

Dangerous conditions like slick floors, cracks in sidewalks, and unsafe stairwells can all lead to slips and falls. Property owners are liable for any accidents that happen on their personal or their company’s property. Slips and falls are most common to cause hip fractures and brain injuries, but also may involve injuries to the back, neck, legs, arms, or shoulders. 

Animal Bites

Dog bites are the most common, but other animal bites can also lead to personal injury claims. State laws differ, but having help from a personal injury lawyer can maneuver your claim based on where you live. In California, owners are usually liable for any damages caused by their animal, which covers personal injuries. 

Medical Malpractice

Negligence and suffering from medical professionals, who are supposed to provide a high level of care, can cause injuries, PTSD, and worse. Researchers at Johns Hopkins estimated that  there is an average of 250,000 people who die every year from medical mistakes in the US. Medical malpractice lawsuits serve justice to injured patients and surviving family members of people harmed due to malpractice, by holding those responsible accountable for their actions. If you, or someone you love, has been harmed by a medical provider, contact a personal injury attorney immediately to discuss your case.


Gun-related injuries are the most common type of assault personal injury claims, but many people suffer other types of unacceptable assault in the workplace, at home, or in public. By fighting against the perpetrator, you hold them accountable for their actions, hopefully deter them from harming others, and are able to recover compensation for your physical and emotional injuries.

Workplace Accidents

Employees will file accident claims when they sustain injuries at work due to malfunctioning equipment, unsafe conditions, or by not providing sufficient training. Most high-risk jobs like trailer drivers, material movers, construction workers, nursing assistants, and laborers are more prone to accidents, and according to the law, employers must compensate their injured employees for any losses that have occurred at work.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death describes a lawsuit where a person has been killed due to someone else’s negligence. Personal injury claims over wrongful death are similar to medical malpractice cases. Wrongful death suits are common from car or truck crashes, nursing home neglect, medical malpractice, construction accidents, airplane accidents, or the use of defective products. This type of lawsuit allows the family to sue the person or company at fault to receive compensation for their loss, give a certain type of closure and justice for their loved one.

Defective Products

While most businesses comply with strict quality and safety standards during their manufacturing process, faulty materials can always slip through and harm their user. Companies or individuals that manufacture, distribute, supply, or sell a defective product to the general public will be held responsible when their product has caused any damages to someone.


While personal injuries often involve physical damage, certain acts that can affect your well-being can be considered in a personal injury claim. Defamation, libel, and slander are all handled differently based on state laws. Misleading or false statements that affect your reputation, or put you at risk, are valid claims to seek a personal injury lawsuit and you may be entitled to damages. 

A plaintiff will need to prove certain things:

  • A false statement that was presented as fact
  • That statement was communicated to a third person
  • Whoever made the statement was negligent in their behavior
  • The victim was damaged or harmed

Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit

At Hann Law Firm, we are an advocate for you in the face of challenges from a personal injury. We focus on you and your recovery while investing time, resources, and energy into supporting you from the very beginning.

We know your case is important to you, and we take it just as personally. Your case matters to us, and we’re here to help you see through it every step of the way. If you or someone you love has been injured, let us help fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

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