When involved in an accident, it’s very common to feel as though you’re fine thanks to the rush of adrenaline. But even if you seem okay immediately after the accident, there is a chance you start feeling the effects of an injury days, weeks, or even months after the accident occurred. Waiting longer to go see a doctor can lower your chances of getting compensation when filing a personal injury claim, and can potentially harm chances of recovering fully from your injuries as well.

It’s stressful to be involved in an accident, of any kind, so thinking of what questions you should ask your doctor can elude you when you have so much happening. Here are some important questions to ask your doctor after being involved in a car accident.

Why Is It Important To See A Doctor After A Car Accident?

Maybe your body is seemingly in working order after an accident, but you could potentially be injured even if you can’t see it. Things like head injuries can have serious medical consequences when left untreated and when you don’t seek medical attention immediately, you pose a risk to your health. If you choose to wait to seek treatment, insurance companies may be able to claim that any injuries you suffer from are not related to the accident you were involved in, and not let you receive appropriate compensation. The more evidence you have with documentation, and the earlier you start gathering it, the stronger your personal injury claim will be.

What To Do Right After A Car Accident

Immediately after a car accident, if you are not in danger or harmed, check on the condition of the other driver or persons involved, exchange insurance and personal contact information, take photos, get names of witnesses, and then report the accident to the police. Even if you feel fine, try seeking medical attention immediately. Some injuries to the neck or back can take days or weeks to manifest and cause any pain.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor After A Car Accident

Whether you are receiving immediate medical attention after an accident, or having a follow up with your doctor later, here are some important questions to ask your physician.

What Are the Specifics of My Injury?

Ask your doctor about the specifics of your injuries. Knowing the specific bones broken, or nerves and muscles damaged, your doctor will be able to determine the extent of your injuries and give treatment options. Make sure to thoroughly document each visit to your doctor to keep track as you heal or find new symptoms or damage.

How Long Will It Take for Recovery?

All injuries and accidents are different, but there are averages on how long it takes for a certain injury to recover. Soft tissue damages will resolve after about a week, but more extensive injuries like broken bones or whiplash can take months or even years to heal. Your doctor will be able to tell you how long each injury will take to recover and create a plan towards your recovery.

What Treatment(s) Do I Need?

After a car accident, you may need more than one or two doctor visits. In some cases, injuries require long-term and ongoing treatments like medications, medical devices, surgery, physical therapy, or extended hospital stays. By asking your doctor what treatments they recommend, or if you need to see a specialist, it can give you a clearer picture on the total amount of medical expenses for your injury and what compensation you’ll need for them.

Should I Not Work At This Time, and When Can I Go Back?

Depending on the type of injury you have, and the work that you do, you may be required to take time off from work. Your doctor can write a note for your time off work, and provide all the necessary information for your recovery in the meantime. It can be difficult to not work when you have other life expenses piling up, so having documentation of lost wages should be included in your personal injury claim. Your doctor will determine when you can go back to work, and what your limitations may be, so you may receive financial compensation for your loss of wages and income while recovering.

Can I Have a Copy of My Medical Records?

Ask your doctor for all of your medical records with each visit. This provides all the necessary information for your case, and allows your attorney to have a stronger case to support your claim. Because your injuries can potentially get worse, it is very important to have documentation through every step of treatment and healing.

Personal Injury Lawyers in California

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