Starting and owning a business is challenging. There are many challenges along the way. One of those challenges is often hiring the right business lawyer for your company. An attorney may seem to have the proper knowledge on the surface, but the problem may be that they don’t have the specific knowledge they need to help you with your particular business. 

Law is what we do, and we know finding proper representation is hard. An attorney that’s right for one business may not be suitable for the next. There are so many specializations when it comes to business that it’s impossible to find one lawyer that knows it all. You want to find one who specializes in what you do. 

Today, we’ll take a look at the seven traits to look for when you are searching for a business lawyer. 

#1. Your Business Law Attorney Needs the Right Experience 

Take a look at what types of businesses the attorney has dealt with. Maybe you are a small business, and they usually deal with larger ones. That alone may indicate that they are not the right attorney for your business. 

Take a look at the type of cases they deal with, also. If they don’t have knowledge and experience in the things you need a business lawyer for, you may want to look elsewhere. 

#2. Your Business Law Attorney Needs the Right Expertise

There are many topics to discuss with a business lawyer and many things to ask about. Some of these things include securities law, income tax, finance, real estate, and much more. You will need someone with sophisticated knowledge of your specific business practices, making sure the attorney knows what you need them to. 

You may need more than one attorney. Your attorney is likely to bring in other lawyers to handle areas they lack expertise. This frequently happens, as lawyers have different types of specializations. 

Take the time to assess each attorney, and ensure that either they or their colleagues have the knowledge required to represent you. 

#3. Your Business Law Attorney Needs to Have Business Experience

For a lawyer to advise specific industries, they need to have the knowledge and experiences in the practices, jargon, and norms in the appropriate sector. It’s much like a podiatrist performing open-heart surgery: It doesn’t make sense. 

Therefore, make sure the lawyer you choose knows your industry well. If you specialize in technology and they specialize in entertainment, they are likely not a good fit. 

#4. Your Business Law Attorney Must Have a Good Business Sense

Some attorneys know legal and technical areas, but they lack hands-on experience, making them poor choices for advising business practices. 

You need an attorney with experience in business, good business sense, and experience as a legal advisor. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about an attorney’s experience on both of these sides. You might find he is confident in one area but doesn’t quite fit the bill on the other. 

#5. Your Business Law Attorney Needs to Have the Right Personality — For You

There are many types of personalities and approaches to the business world, which is true in all business areas. You need an attorney who matches yours. If you are a Type A personality, and the attorney is a relaxed Type B, you might not mesh well. But, if you find an attorney who has the same attitudes you do about business, it could be a good fit. 

Don’t be afraid to be picky. The right attorney is out there, so make sure you give yourself the chance to choose the right one for you. 

#6. Your Business Law Attorney Has to Close a Deal

Some attorneys can negotiate well but cannot close the deal. You might be that negotiator and need someone who can close for you. Not all attorneys are good at negotiating or closing, so it’s best to do your research. 

Find out as much as you can about the attorney you look into. Ideally, they should be able to tell you what their strengths and weaknesses are upfront. 

#7. Your Business Law Attorney Needs Helpful Connections

Successful transactions result from a great deal of hard work, and many depend on having connections to others or resources that you can access. If you’re an entrepreneur, you will need a Business Lawyer in San Jose, CA with connections with the type of people you want to have connections with. Then, the attorney can introduce you to people who will help you. 

Much of the world is made of networking and those who help each other. Find the right attorney who can help you advance and meet the right people. Over time, you can build your network of people in your field and maybe help someone else along the way. 

Need an Experienced Attorney? Let Us Help!

At Hann Law Firm, we take a personal approach to everything we do. From our first consultation, we’ll listen to your needs and concerns. Listening to our clients is at the heart of our success in the courtroom. When you work with us, we’ll address your specific challenges, prepare diligently for the best possible outcome, and create a personalized approach to help achieve your goals.

This kind of care takes more time. But the results of our personalized approach speak for themselves. While other firms see a case number and a bottom line, we see each client as a human being who deserves to be represented fairly. We know your case is important to you, and we’ll take it just as personally. You – and your business – matter to us. 

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