When going through a divorce dividing assets or property is one thing, but having to divide your time and support for your children is another. It can make the process even more difficult, for both you and your children. If being in your child’s life is a priority, you’ll want to increase your chances of winning your child custody case by proving you are able to provide a safe, loving, and stable life for your children.

A judge’s ruling has everything to do with the best interest of the children involved and is the top priority when making a decision in a California custody case. Below you’ll find guidance on how to create the best case for your child custody battle.

Be Active in Your Child’s Life

Regardless of the past, you can always begin to create a new bond with your children and show that you are a responsible parent. Despite what emotions you may struggle with when going through your divorcer, being able to set aside your feelings and be there for your children is the most important thing you can do now.

Spending quality time together
Using all the extra time you have to set aside for your children should be taken to show positive effort in maintaining a good relationship with your kids. Not showing up to appointments or special events can unfortunately represent you as an uninterested parent.

Being flexible and dependable

Accommodating to the times your children or ex spouse need you can show you have flexibility and willingness to be there and show up for your children whatever the case may be. Picking up your children on time from school or appointments reflects on your ability to maintain a good schedule and are a reliable parent.

Create a Safe, Supportive Home

Not only to prove to the court, you should provide a safe and stable home life for your children. Living out of a suitcase doesn’t allow your child to really feel at home when having to go back and forth to each parent’s house. You want to present to the judge that you can offer a supportive and comfortable environment for your children. Make sure to avoid anything that can give your ex an opportunity to accuse you of having an unsafe home.

Ensure a safe inner circle

Do not let anyone around your children that can be seen as dangerous or a threat. This especially includes anyone with a felony, sexual-related offenses, or drug users. If you have a new partner after your separation, keep some distance from your home and children to avoid potential conflict when going through your custody battle. Make sure the people watching your children are responsible adults that are healthy and safe for your children to be around.

Keep your home safe and clean

Be aware of any dangers that can cause any harm to your children in your home. Keep things like weapons, prescription drugs, and alcohol in locked away spaces out of reach from your children. Your home may understandably have some clutter or messes from time to time, but make sure your home is a sanitary and comfortable place to live.

Inappropriate gatherings or outings

No matter how much you still would like to maintain your social life, at this point in time it is a better idea to hold off on party mode. Leaving your children unattended or for lengthy periods of time to spend time with a new partner or friends is not appropriate, as well as throwing large parties and letting your children mingle around adults with alcohol or any illegal substances. Your children are able to inform your ex spouse about your behavior so keeping them in safe spaces and healthy environments is much more beneficial to their own growth and your child custody case.

Showcase Your Good Character

You want to make sure the people in your children’s lives can vouch for your good character and presence in your children’s lives. Attending school gatherings, sports games, PTA meetings and the like show your attempts of being a good parent. 

Though it can be hard, it is best to not lose your temper or show emotional volatility when communicating with your ex. It is understandable how difficult it may be to control these feelings when you are going through so much, but not dispagaing your ex and being as cordial as possible can help you and make the whole process move a lot more smoothly. Use friends, family, or a therapist to learn how to cope with these difficult emotions in a healthy way.

Document Everything for Your Case

All of the things above are important behaviors to put into practice prior to your case, but as you begin to work closely with your attorney you’ll want to properly document everything to have the outcome you want. You will want to tell your attorney everything, including any past mistakes or bad behavior. Letting your attorney know the good and the bad means they are able to appropriately prepare for it and it may give useful context. Record all things that are involved with your case like when or how often you pick up your children from school, how much you see them, or visitation schedules.

Let Us Help You Prepare Your Child Custody Case

Finding a trusted Child Custody Lawyers in San Jose, CA is the best chance you may have when keeping custody of your children. An attorney will advise you throughout your case, keeping you confident and knowledgeable of everything that may happen in court. At Hann Law Firm, you and your case matter to us. We are here to listen to your challenges, and prepare for the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Contact us for a free consultation and let us help you create a desirable custody arrangement for a positive future.

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