Criminal Defense

Mistakes Happen.

Sometimes we find ourselves at the wrong place at the right time. We’ve all been there, and we try to move on and learn from these unfortunate life events.

Sometimes an individual will run afoul of the law—a traffic citation, a misunderstanding at work, or perhaps an issue with a neighbor. James Hann has helped numerous people just like you with situations such as these and many others.

Criminal Defense

Criminal defense is an area of the practice of law that we see glamorized on TV and in the movies. But what it really boils down to is having an experienced attorney who will thoroughly research and investigate the charges against you and make certain that your case is handled according to the California Rules of Criminal Procedure. This means providing you with a strong defense and the exploration of all of the options and strategies that are available for a successful resolution of your case.

Real Police Experience

James has experience working in a police organization in California. He knows from the inside how law enforcement works and how to best handle a criminal charge so that you are treated fairly and the all of your rights are protected.

You have a lot on the line when you are charged with a crime. This affects you, your family, your job, and your friends. James Hann has the experience and skills to best represent you and help you move on from this.

Do you need a criminal defense attorney? Not sure? Speak with James and let him determine the best way to handle your case. James can put his years of practical criminal law experience to good use in finding the best possible solution for your problem.

Please contact James to discuss your questions about criminal issues and to see how he can best help you. Please call (408) 755-9793 or email